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Fixed Price Agreements

The value of a service is established with you in advance and you can select a payment plan, which suits your budget. This way there are no surprises for you.

Because our fixed price agreement provides ongoing access to the accounting, tax, and business advice you need on a fixed-price basis, you are not inhibited from seeking timely advice by the fear of a clock running endlessly.

Our services are designed around fixed prices, as opposed to hourly rates, and offer you access to the accumulated wisdom of the firm through Chartered Accountants with substantial experience who can help enhance your company’s future and achieve its business goals.

While the fixed price entitles your company to unlimited consultation with us, if your question or issue requires additional research and analysis beyond the consultation, that work will be subject to an additional price negotiation before the service is to be performed, and a change order will be issued before delivery of the additional service, with payment terms agreed to in advance.

Service Guarantee

Our work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the customer. If you are not completely satisfied with the services performed by Wheeler Campbell we will, at your option, either refund the price, or accept a portion of said price that reflects your level of satisfaction.