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About Us


Member of Chartered Accountants
Australia and New Zealand

About Us

Back in 1991 John Wheeler and Stuart Campbell founded an accounting firm that was different to other firms.

We’ve always been a forward-looking company, helping customers see where they’re going rather than giving them a backward-looking summary of where they’ve already been. Our clients enjoy that we speak their language and make an effort to really ‘get’ what their business is about.

Plus we won’t look at you sternly over the tops of our glasses if you’ve accidentally lost a receipt.

We’re technology-minded, recommending new software and services that make business easier. Wheeler Campbell is part of the latest revolution in accounting – Cloud Accounting using Xero Online Accounting Software and MYOB Essentials.

And when the Next Big Thing comes along, we’ll be leaders in that too.

The Wheeler Campbell team is at your side with the advice you need, when and where you need it. At the end of the day what we do is pretty simple – we help you achieve your business and financial goals.


Periodic reporting
Annual financial statements
Management reports
Budgeting and Cashflow
Accounting system installation


Income Tax
Goods and Services Tax
Fringe Benefit Tax

Business Services

Succession Planning
Financial Planning

What makes us different?

Our Team

We have a team of nine dedicated people. If the person that you normally deal with is not available, somebody else will be accessible to deal with your query.

Consistency of Advisor

Once we establish a relationship with you, we will endeavour to ensure that your key advisor remains the same. You won’t be shuffled from person to person around the office.


History is important to us, as we can learn and develop from our previous experience, assignments and long term relationships.

Team Consistency

We are proud of our personnel retention and length of service. It’s unlikely that there will be someone new to deal with next time you call.

Accessibility to Partners

Our Partners don’t close their doors or take the phone off the hook or only deal with “big” customers. Where possible, you will always have direct access to our partners.


We make maximum use of the latest technology to provide accurate and timely service.  We use and can advise on the best accounting software including Xero, Banklink and MYOB.


Our policy is to agree on the work to be performed and the amount of our prices before the work is carried out. We do not like issuing unexpected invoices. We offer a service guarantee.

All we ask of you…

We ask of you, as our customer, that you pay any amounts billed by us on time and you refer us to your friends and acquaintances.