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Offices: 74 South Street, Feilding
Phone: 06 323 7204

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Our firm dates back to the years after World War II, when Harry Mayer established an accountancy practice in Feilding.


Bob Tootill joined Harry Mayer in partnership.


Harry Mayer retired and Ernie Marshall joined Bob Tootill in partnership, trading as Tootill and Marshall.


Garry Hodson replaced Ernie Marshall and he and Bob Tootill practised as Tootill and Hodson from offices in the old ANZ Bank building on the corner of Manchester Square.


Bob Tootill retired and John Wheeler joined Garry Hodson in partnership in 1980 to trade as Hodson & Wheeler.

The ANZ building was demolished and the practice moved to the former Kiwi Bacon Company offices at 31 Kimbolton Road.


Garry Hodson retired from practise and Stuart Campbell joined John Wheeler to form the current firm trading as Wheeler Campbell.


The firm moved to 74 South Street, Feilding.


The practice employs a team of 9. Accountancy and business services are provided to clients from all parts of New Zealand.